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VIDHATHA is targeting to add a lot of diversity to the training programs on offer. Programs are custom designed to meet our esteemed client’s requirements, and our delivery methodology is very effective and Filled with Fun and Humor.

We offer a lot of programs that aim at development on specific issues. These programs are most often short and simple, made-easy for all.
  Mr KRANTIKAR is Chief Mentor for all Work Shops with 33 years of training experience.
Leadership Training (Krishna, Rama, Vinayaka,  Chanakya, Hanuman styles)
Winning Strategy from Mahabharatha and Ramayana
Mind culture
Sel-Help Hypnotism
NLP Skills
Soft Skills
 Effective Interview Skills
Stress Management
Anger Management
Time Management
Change Management
Mind management
Six Sigma management
Total Quality Management(TQM)
 Art of Selling
Target drive
Successful Net work marketing-MLM
Better salesmen
Team Building
Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Inter and Intra personal skills
Creativity Development
Behaviour Modification
Personality Development
Mind Power and study techniques
Effective Presentation Skills and Public Speaking
Better Matrimonial Harmony
Better Parenting
Life Style management
Holistic health management
Chakra Meditation, So Hum Meditation, Zen Meditation,Nata Raja Meditation etc...

We conduct training programs on a daily basis at VIDHATHA premises. Every individual and organization is always in need of some training. Therefore we suffice the need of the organizations by providing them the diversity through our portfolio.

  CORPORATE PROGRAMS: You can contact for corporate training according to your needs.CELL 9440 633 610,

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