KRANTHIKAR - 9848190302 Consultant Timings : 9 AM To 6 PM

Manase Oka Poolathota (MOPT)
Mind Power (MP)
Self-Hypnotism (SH)
Self Confidence (SC)
Self Relaxation (SR)
Stress management (SM)
Anxiety Neurosis (AN)
Obsessive Compulsives Disorder (OCD)
No - Dep (ND)
Jacobson Progressive Relaxation (JPR)
Behavior Modification - 1 (BM-1)
Behavior Modification - 2 (BM-2)
Behavior Modification - 3 (BM-3)
High BP (HB)
Breath Easy (BE)
Stammer suppressor (SS)
Quit Smoking (QS)
Quit Alcohol (QA)
Quit Gutka (QG)
Pain Killer (PK)
It’s Gone! (Head ache) (IG)
Confidence! Confidence! (CC)
Hypno - Relax (HR)
Phobo Cope (PC)
Good Health (GH)
Speak Power (PS)
Meditation (So-Hum) (M)
Yoganidra (YN)
Moon Meditation (MM)
Om Musical meditation (OMT)
Zen Meditation (ZM)
Silva Mind Control (SMC)
Musical Dance Therapy (MDT)
Music Pranayama (MB)
Sex Education – Therapy (SP)
Exams Special (ES)
Personality Development (PD-1)
Personality Development (PD-2)
Success (S)
Time Management (TM)
Face Interviews (FI)
Life style management (LSM)
Laughing Therapy (LT)
BetterConcentration (BC)
Anger Management (AM)
Proacive Thinking (PT)
Public Relations (PR)
Emotinal Intelligence (EI)
Fear Management (FM)
Success attitude (SA)
Entrance Neurosis (EN)
Confidence! - Self Confidence (CSC)
Alpha Mind power (AMP)
Self-help Hypnotism (SHH)
Severe Stress to super Relaxation (SSSR)
OM Meditaion (OM)
Soft Skills (SFS)
Better Parenting (BP)
Software - Wellness (SW)
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